Cultured Rootz was founded in 2019, with the intention of adding diversity and representation to our day to day lives.

We exist in a world filled with different beautiful races! Each skin tone and each hair type is beautiful and special.
Our dream is for everyone to learn, identify, and appreciate these skin tones and hair types, while realizing that whichever skin tone or hair type one has, they can grasp and achieve anything they want! We also dream of a world where culture is preserved and that everyone can know their roots.

To help achieve this dream, we hereby introduce our Activity Book and characterized products; showcasing some of the different shades and tones of our beautiful skin, and our beautiful hair types. We want you to know that no matter who you are, or what you look like, you are beautiful, you can reach for the highest stars, and your skin is a perfect match for any goal, dream, aspiration! That each strand of hair is perfect just the way it is.

We are hoping that you see yourself in these characters, and be motivated to accept every part of who you are and never be afraid to introduce yourself to the world, unapologetically.

Cutured Rootz is inspired by all the beautiful children in the world.